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I am a co-director of the Helsinki-based dance school Tanssivintti together Janina Rajakangas, Anna Mustonen and Sara Grotenfelt. I regurlarly teach and mentor the students of Tanssivintti's Intensive programs.


Teaching experience from previous years

Tanssivintti, workshop with Energpriests, 2020

NYTKE Contemporary Dance Festival 2020


Tanssivintti, contemporary dance classes (2017-), Intesive program workshops (2019-)


Keski-Pohjanmaan Kansanopisto, Kälviä, 2019 and 2020


Dance school DCA, Helsinki, spring season 2019


TREenit! ry, Tampere, a guest teacher, 2018

Substitute teacher: StepUp, DCA, Höyhentämö, Helsingin Tanssiopisto, 2016-2019

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