Tanssivintti, Helsinki


Tanssivintti is a small dance school that offers high level classes in ballet, contemporary jazz and contemporary dance. The classes are in Aleksanterin teatteri and Kaapelitehdas, Helsinki. I operate as one of the artistic leaders of Tanssivintti together with dance artists/choreographers Anna Mustonen and Janina Rajakangas.

In my contemporary dance classes I use a lot of different approaches to movement yet my starting point is in release technique, floor work and improvisation. In addition to weekly classes I teach workshops for the students in our Intesive program. Year 2020 I tought a "Dancer's praxis" workshop (Tanssijantyölliset praktiikat) that focused on a dancer's position inside different choreographic settings. A short review about the workshop is found below.

Dancer's praxis

The workshop aims to open up dancer's positions inside three selected choreographic starting points. The focus is to observe the active role and the possibilities that the dancer possesses inside different choreographic frames. What type of practical tools support the dancer's position as an active subject and decision maker inside a structure? How the mind of the dancer creates the "mind of the choreography"?

Focus 1:  Set movement - thinking and acting inside a set form

Focus 2:  Time and space structures - from individual movement towards shared events

Focus 3:  "Not knowing" in front of an audience

The workshop was held the first time in Spring 2020 and will be organized again as part of Tanssivintti's Intensive program season 2020-2021.

Other teaching experience from previous years

Keski-Pohjanmaan Kansanopisto, Kälviä, 2019 and 2020

Dance school DCA, Helsinki, spring season 2019

TREenit! ry, Tampere, a guest teacher, 2018

Substitute teacher: StepUp, DCA, Höyhentämö, Helsingin Tanssiopisto, 2016-2019



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