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Cirko – Uuden sirkuksen keskus ry

"The atmosphere and presentation of the work find historical references in the sacrality of an altar, the brutality of a boxing match, or the hustle and bustle of a medieval market. In the middle of the space, the dancers undergo their own absurd survival fight under the eye of the audience. The architecture and spaciousness of the performance venue – Cirko’s Maneesi, or Manege – create the ideal bounds for this struggle." 

Choreography: Petri Kekoni

Dancers: Tanja Illukka, Meeri Lempiäinen, Pekka Louhio, Anna Stenberg, Eero Vesterinen

Performances in Cirko – Uuden sirkuksen keskus: Fri 22.-30.11.2019

Photo: Pasi Orrensalo

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