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Contemporary dance + live music performance

"DEEP SKIN dance piece is a creation for two musicians and four performers. Starting point of the creation was to reserch the following guestion: what happens when you make yourself available? Dance piece is a dialog between sound and movement worlds that celebrate visibility. The audience may as well go through their own point of views or notions of their own visibility. Choreography of the piece becomes alive through performers’ instant choices and phrase composition in a releation to sound, audience and unknown." 

Chor. and production: Nadja Pärssinen
Performers: Elina Puukka, Meeri Lempiäinen, Niko Arola, Reija Heinonen

Sound design: Ari Salonen & Moritz Cortheuser

Duration: 30 min.

Performances: C4 / Cable Factory, Helsinki 29.9.2018

Cultural Centre Caisa, Helsinki 4.5.2019

Liikelaituri, Tampere 11.5.2019

Lokatanssit, Lahti 5.10.2019

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