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360°virtual reality dance film

Loikka dance film festival, Helsinki 2018

360 Film Festival, Paris 2018

KinetoscopeVR, Seattle Film Summit 2018

NYC Independent Film Festival, New York 2019

Harlem International Film Festival 2019

Fine Arts Film Festival, Los Angeles 2019

ShorTS International Short Film, Italy 2019

​Sidewalk Film Festival, Alabama 2019

​Vox Popular Media Art, Canada 2019

SPLIT Film Festival, Croatia 2019

San Francisco Dance Film Festival, USA 2019

Aesthetica Short Film Festival, York, UK 2019

Moovi Tanzfilmfestival, Museum Ludwig in Cologne, Germany 2020

Wombsong is an abstract 360° virtual reality piece in which a pregnant dancer leads the viewer into an imaginary world inside the womb. It's an exploration of the nature of expecting life to be born and the pregnant body's relationship toward the harmony inside the womb.

The soundscape is created from the authentic sounds recorded through the dancer's pregnant belly and dancer's voice as well as the voice of a baby. This takes us to experiencing a start of a new life from a whole new perspective. Wombsong plays with the simulation of the fetus' experience inside a dancing body and creates different emotional and virtual non existing spaces which cannot be placed. Baby's first contact with a tightly embracing, big and mysterious being is as much a mystery as the mother's relationship to the growing life inside.

Director: Hanna Västinsalo
Choreographer: Meeri Lempiäinen
Cinematographer: Toni Pasanen
Sound designer: Ellen Virman, Mikko Kolehmainen

Lightning designer: Ellen Virman
Photo: Hanna Västinsalo
Producer: Hanna Västinsalo
Production company: Hanna Västinsalo Productions, Rear Window, Thinkseed Films

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