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Petri Kekoni Company (2014)



"As a viewing experience, Non-Linear could be related to a visit in an art exhibition. In this work, static pictures have been replaced by movement events that the viewer is free to observe in any order. With the 12 dancers, we have created "loops" that begin, repeat at certain intervals and fade out." (


Choreography:  Petri Kekoni
Dance:  Meeri Lempiäinen, Riina Huhtanen, Tanja Illukka, Andrius Katinas, Maija Kiviluoto, Saku Koistinen, Tuomas Mikkola, Valtteri Raekallio, Esete Sutinen, Jukka Tarvainen, Terhi Vaimala, Ulla Väätäinen
Composition, sound design:  Antti Nykyri
Performances: Suvilahti, Kattilahalli 14.-22.3.2014


To watch a video of the work, click VIDEOS


For more information, go to Petri Kekoni Company's website (

Photo: Monika Hartl

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